Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tatiana Bracinac

This week we are highlighting the work of Tatiana Bracinac. Read her artist statement below.

Art is an activity through we participate in the process of creating of personal history and of creating the world. The artist uses intuition rather than perception, and through intuition achieves knowledge of truth that is felt or imagined rather than perceived or reasoned.

My art is about everyday occurrences, and how I feel about them and what after all stays in one’s mind. I play with color and texture while using mixed media-photography and Photoshop, acrylic and paste arranged with plenty of color.

I arrived to this country from Eastern Europe, former Yugoslavia as an engineer, and also with two years of Architectural school. At the third year of college, in our physics class, we started to break the light, and by the wavelength of the light to determine the content of certain elements.
Somehow that lecture is what keeps underlining my work. What do we see, and what do we perceive-as humans and as representatives of “laws of nature.”

I also studied Art and Design at Santa Monica College and Otis College of Design.

I started painting when I was three years old. My first painting was of the water and the fish. That painting got destroyed and since then I studied Science, Architecture and Design, but as the faith has it, I’m back to Art and prehistoric fish.

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